Arrange coffee meeting with your workmates by a few simple steps


The Counter of drunk cups of coffee

Be aware of the amount of caffeine provided to your organism. The App shows how many cups of coffee you have drunk.

Time of the meeting

Choose your friends and set the time you want to meet. The Counter measures the time left for the meeting.

Invite your friends

Connect with your friends by the QR codes and arrange the coffee meetings.


Charge with the caffeine

Every coffee meeting is a great chance to exchange your views. It’s also a very good time to charge the batteries during the work.

The Counter of time

If you get to know how much time you spend on drinking coffee, you will appreciate how important it’s in your everyday life.

Who is going with me

While you are waiting for the meeting, you can check which of your friends accepted your invitation.

Do you have a break? Go and arrange the coffee meeting!

The meeting for a coffee during a break has never been so easy. You can do it in just a few steps. Find friends who love to drink coffee as much as you do. Set the time that you are going to meet to fill your cups. Wait until your friends will give you a positive response and enjoy your time together.
Nothing inspires to a farther work as much as a sip of good coffee with friends.


Follow your achievements

Have you ever wondered how many cups of coffee do you drink daily/monthly/annually? From now on you will be able to know the exact number of drunk coffees thanks to the Counter which sums up your coffee achievements.
Moreover, the App counts the total time which you spend together with your friends by talking and delighting the cup of espresso, macchiato, cappuccino or any other type of coffee you like.


Connect with your friends by Social Media and QR

#Coffee provides an easy way to log in by the Facebook or Twitter without signing in to application. You will receive a personalised QR code, which connects you with your friends who are using this application.

Done? Great! Now you are ready for the coffee meeting to enjoy your favourite coffee.



Choose your platform and enjoy drinking coffee